Best Way To Start Over Retreat

Do you have emotions you want to let go of?

Do you have boundaries that need reinforcing?

How would your life change if what you communicated was really 'heard' and understood by those you love, co-parent with (or have to 'endure'!)?

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Two days to transform all your relationships

We are gender-neutral so everyone is welcome - but attendees are only accepted on interview.


Letting Go

A series of workshops that help you to 'let go' of anger, of emotional pain, of self-limiting beliefs. Learn how to create your own financial plan and let go of a 'poverty mentality'. Includes holistic therapies in a yurt warmed by a log burner.


Creating Boundaries

People don't treat us right because we let them. When we learn how to create healthy boundaries with ex partners, children and work colleagues, life becomes much more peaceful. Without clear boundaries, we cannot effectively communicate with others.



Using established techniques you will learn to transform your communication skills, and our parenting expert will also be helping us tackle those long-term parenting issues. When you change - the world changes.

Just some of the professionals invited to support this Retreat.....

Dr Marion Bevington

Award-winning author, trainer, energy psychologist

Using cutting edge science and ancient wisdom, Dr Marion Bevington empowers you to heal trauma, develop more

emotional intelligence and lay the foundations to establish healthier relationships after separation.

Sarah Hutchinson

Neuro Dramatic Playtime!

Sarah is a facilitator with a theatre background who specialises in supporting authentic and assertive expression. Using story enactment, roleplays of life situations, and playful games, she supports deeper clarity around relationships and behaviour, allowing for positive transformation. Sarah originally trained in Theatre and Performance at the University of Warwick, she is also a theatre director and most recently has trained in Neuro Dramatic Play with Dr Sue Jennings, exploring the role of play & drama in early child development and it’s effective application to heal and transform later in life. She holds a safe, supportive and confidential space. 

Karen Marshall

Accredited relationship success & recovery coach

Experienced Practitioner in

the Mind, Body and Energy. The 4 Step F.I.N.D. Methodology will completely shift your perspective with the secrets you need to know that took Karen 20 years to figure out (so you don’t have to).

Ruth Driscoll

Amazon best selling author, public speaker, abused women's champion, & Life Liberator

Ruth Driscoll shares her powerful story to inspire you out of abusive relationships and into empowerment ensuring

you never become enmeshed in abusive, bullying situations again.

Jacqui Lee Grace

Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Jacqui has a background in moving the body with qualifications as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, Nia and Qoya fusion aerobics instructor, and practicing 5Rhythms and other community dance forms for many years. She runs on-line body-based women’s wisdom circles and has a body and movement based psychotherapy practice in Forest Row.

Clare Goldfinch


Clare Goldfinch is a specialist

nutritionist with an MSc in human

nutrition and dietetics. She is the

founder of The Healthy Body Happy

Mind Project, and she specialises in

helping people recovering from

illness and injury or suffering with

long term conditions such as IBS/

IBD, diabetes, fibromyalgia, thyroid

conditions and menopausal


Marcie Shaoul

Parenting Coach

In 2017 Marcie founded Rolling Stone Coaching, the UK’s only dedicated private co-parenting practice. She has spent the last ten-years developing her co-parenting technique through research, personal experience and later with clients. Her methodology has been called ‘pioneering’ by family lawyers and draws on the skills honed in the diplomatic sector to enable parents to become transactional with each other in their parenting.

Her recent article published in Family Law Journal situates co-parent coaching as a sister skill to mediation, positioning it as a long term solution to what are often conflict situations. 

Debbie Talalay

Theta Healer

Deborah is a leading London

based Theta Healer who has

practised in Harley Street and West

London and has successfully

treated people of all ages and from

all walks of life.

Jane Orr

Astral Divorce

Jane was feautred in the media in recent years about her 'Astral Divorce' service that cuts the invisible bonds that bind us if they are no longer serving us. These can allow us to divorce ourselves on a deep level from previous relationships or to help us move forwards from bereavement, a previous career or our children leaving home.

Who else would you like us to invite?

We have some skilled financial experts we want to include and holistic healers - but we are also leaving space to include workshops that you specifically request.

We would like to include some yoga and perhaps even some martial arts (for the 'boundaries' day) - let us know your preferences when you book!

*Composition of experts running workshops is subject to their availability - but we only invite those we like and trust.

Next dates:


The venue is very popular but we will book a date as soon as we have confirmation of the right number of guests attending.

All meals are included, home-cooked by our nutritionist who is also running one of the workshops. Plus we include holistic healing sessions in a yurt warmed by a log burner, massage, walks in the forest.....

Price includes one night's accommodation in this beautiful refurbished Chapel, with French Linen on the beds, artful design and nestled in a serene part of Sussex in Forest Row village (but easy to access by road or from a mainline station direct from London).

Why make the choice to join us at the Retreat?

You've done enough experimenting

You know enough to know what you don't know. We can all benefit from developing our communication skills, setting clearer boundaries and letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. It's time to up your game and start really getting as much back from life as you put in.

You are not an island

Working as a group really helps us to feel connected and to realise how very similar all of our challenges can be, and how much we can learn from each other.

Experience is everything

This is not a retreat to run away from life. Together we will have a shared experience that takes us all more in the directions we want to be going, for our benefit, and for the benefit of all.

Workshops - Healing - Nature

Set in beautiful Sussex Countryside, you can be sure that we will venture into the Ashdown Forest during your stay....


Letting Go


Creating Boundaries



About me

Hello! I'm Suzy Miller

Most of you visiting this page will already know me. I look forward to some of you joining me at the Best Way To Start Over Retreat where I can help to empower you all with a team of experts into a new realm of your life.

I do have a mission - to create a Government 'Ministry Of Peace' - but I can tell you all about that over a delicious dinner during the retreat!

I’ve not been to a previous retreat. Can I join in?

You sure can - as long as you are already on the 'self development' journey.

What if I register but the retreat doesn't take place?

It’s all good. We won't run the Retreat with less than 8 attendees and if you are unable to attend on the next date, then you will receive a full refund of your £12 booking fee.

Will the sessions be recorded?

No - we won't be having any camera crews at this event!

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate during Q&A.

What does it cost?

The full price including accommodation, all meals, workshops and healing is £495 including vat. But we do have some special offers - just ask when we have our call.....

Can I deduct this weekend as a business expense or claim back the VAT?

If you are working as a coach, healer or in any role where your ability to hold boundaries and communicate better is valuable to your profession, then this weekend is part of your professional development and should be deductable. Those who charge vat should also be able to reclaim the vat. (Ask your accountant to confirm)